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01 - 10 April
Half Board
İstanbul Output
1668.75 €
01 April 2022 - 10 April 2022 Half Board
1335 €
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10 Nights 10 Days

  • 1. Day 01 April Friday
    Arrival İstanbul


    Meet at the airport, transfer to your hotel. You will be given your room key and the rest of the day is yours to explore Istanbul. Overnight in Istanbul.


  • 2. Day 02 April Saturday
    Istanbul City Tour


    After breakfast between 08:00 am and 09:30 am pick ups from hotel. Final timing one day before will be given you by your tour consultant.
    Today you will depart for the Istanbul City Tour. "TOPKAPI PALACE" The great palace of the Ottoman sultans from the 15th to the 19th centuries. The palace houses an exquisite collection of crystal, silver, and Chinese porcelain. Robes worn by the sultans and their families, the famous jewels of the Imperial Treasury, miniatures, and the Holy Mantle; enshrining relics of the Prophet Mohammed.
    Next on the list is the "SULTANAHMET IMPERIAL MOSQUE" Across from St. Sophia built in the 16th century by the architect Mehmet, is known as the "BLUE MOSQUE" because of its magnificent interior decoration of blue Iznik tiles. Outside the Blue Mosque we find the "HIPPODROME". The Ancient Hippodrome was the scene of chariot races and entertainment. The Hippodrome comprises of three monuments; the Obelisk of Theodosius, the bronze Serpentine Column and the Column of Constantine. After a short enjoyable lunch break we head to the Grand Spice Bazaar for shopping. After the shopping tour come back to Hotel. Overnight in Istanbul.


  • 3. Day 03 April Sunday
    Istanbul Flight to Mardin & Full Day Mardin Tour


    We will take a morning flight to Mardin. Transfer to our hotel in Old town. The mysterious and rich culture of Southeast Anatolia, also called Upper Mesopotamia. Mardin has the important Syrian Orthodox Christians - sometimes called Jacobites. Visit their important Monastery of Deir - Al - Zafaran where worshipping is going on more than 1200 years here. It was the center of the Syrian Orthodoxies for over 600 years. There are also Yezidis around Mardin. They are neither Muslim nor Christian. Their beliefs include elements taken from Jewish, Nestorian, Christian, Islam and Zoroastrian religions. They believe in one God whom they call KHUDA. We will stroll through Mardin streets. We will visit Kasimiye Madrasah, Sultan Isa (Jesus madrasah) 1385 AD, Ulu Mosque (Great mosque) 1176 AD, Kirklar Church, historical Mardin Homes and interacting with the multi-religious locals who peacefully live together. Return to our hotel. Overnight in Mardin.


  • 4. Day 04 April Monday
    Urfa Tour


    After breakfast, we will drive to Sanliurfa (2 - 2,5 hrs), known in ancient times as Edessa, the birth place of the Prophet Abraham with his birth-cave, mosques, beautiful gardens and the holly pool of Abraham in the center of the city. The citadel of the town is spectacular where the prophet was thrown to the fire by Nimrod. After lunch, explore the highlight of town; Sipahi (Cavalry) Covered Bazaar where we will see traditional handicrafts and small textile workshops are still surviving. Walking the old market streets will take you to ancient Middle East days. Return to our hotel. Overnight in Sanliurfa.


  • 5. Day 05 April Tuesday
    Urfa & Harran Tour


    Drive to Harran to see Beehive-Shaped houses, which are perfectly adapted to the hot climate. Harran’s name is in the Old Testament with Prophet Abraham being sided here for some years on his way to Promised Land. We will visit the ancient city walls and gates along with the other places. Later, we will drive back to town and visit famous GOBEKLI TEPE. A site which is 6000 years older than PYRAMIDS, 8000 years older than STONE HENGE. It is believed that this is the place to see the earliest existing art forms and settlements of ancient days. Explore the shocking temple dwellings and around. Upon return to town, possible visit to some small places. Overnight in Sanliurfa.


  • 6. Day 06 April Wednesday
    Urfa to Adıyaman - Kahta


    After breakfast, we will drive to Adiyaman - Kâhta (1,5 hrs). Today's Adiyaman was founded by the Umayyad Arabs in the 7th C AD. Though, the records prove that the history of the city goes back as early as the time of Assyrian king Salmanassar III (858 - 824 BC.). During the reign of Persian Achaemenid empire, the Commagene General Aroandas made such a big reputation by then that he was married to the victorious Artaxerxes' daughter Rhogune. Following the Commagene kings as well as Seleucid kings, the city was also occupied by Seljuks, and then by Ottomans.
    After C/IN to our hotel and a traditional lunch in the town, we will explore the ancient ruins of the gigantic statues of king and gods, beautifully carved reliefs, castle rock, and some others. Then, drive back to Old town and have some free time in the town center for exploring the old streets.Overnight in Adiyaman.


  • 7. Day 07 April Thursday
    Adiyaman to ANTIOCH via Gaziantep


    After breakfast, we will drive to Gaziantep (2,5 hrs) by the southeastern Mediterranean, a region known as the food basket of Turkey. Gaziantep, the center of pistachio nut production and a place known for its exquisite Ottoman-Turkish cuisine. We'll have a chance to sample some traditional Turkish dishes here, and they're all delicious, from pilafs and kebabs to baklava and the cheese - or meat filled dumplings known as borek.
    Afterwards we will stop at the museum of ruined city of Zeugma (Turkey's version of Pompeii), originally built in the third century B.C. by one of Alexander the Great's generals. The city was an ancient crossing point on the Euphrates and modern excavations have revealed dozens of frescoes and murals detailing historical and mythological scenes. Later drive to Antioch - 2.5 hrs. Overnight in  Antakya (ANTIOCH )


  • 8. Day 08 April Friday
    Antioch, TITUS Tunnel - Daphne


    After breakfast, we will visit the aqueduct of TITUS, a huge canal up to 30 meters (100 ft) deep, gouged from the living rock during the reign of the Roman Emperors Vespesian and Titus. It is one of the marvels of Roman engineering from 2000 years ago. We will have lunch in a traditional regional food restaurants. Later, we'll drive to Harbiye (Daphne), where famous food of this area comes from. Silk weaving is still active. Visit to weaving workshops where you can buy plane natural color silk material. Famous sculpturers surviving here as thousands of years ago. Later we will stroll through in the old markets where you can find one of the best spices. You can still buy the cold-stone press olive oil here. Overnight in Antakya (ANTIOCH )


  • 9. Day 09 April Saturday
    Antakya to Adana City Tour and Flight to İstanbul


    After breakfast, we will drive to Adana (2 hrs). It derives its wealth from the agricultural produce of the Cukurova plain and from its strategic position at the junction of the main E-W Highway and the route through the Cilician Gates to central Anatolia. Cilician myths ascribe its origin to the Luwian god Santas. During the time of Hittites (2nd millennium BC), Adaniya, as the town was known in the cuneiform texts of the time, was the center of the border province of Kizzuwatna.
    After Assyrians rule in the city in the 6th century BC, the city became a satrapy of Persian Achaemenids in the early 5th century BC, then Macedonian under Alexander the Great. Before the Islamic dynasties, the city lastly became a part of Eastern Roman empire in 102 BC. It came under the rule of Seljuks by Suleiman Shah in the 11th century. Finally ruled by the Ottomans as of early 16th century.
    We will have a great lunch in Adana, the famous "kebap" ( Adana is the homeland of the Kebab where the late Hittite tablets gives the resippie from 600 B.C.E.) - Then we will catch afternoon flight to Istanbul. On arrival to Istanbul, private transfer to our hotel. Overnight in Istanbul.


  • 10. Day 10 April Sunday
    Istanbul - End of Tour


    After breakfast, we check out from the hotel. We hope your tour was a memorable one and we look forward to seeing you in the future on another TravelShop Turkey Tour. Have a safe trip back home and thanks for choosing us.


Caution: The tour circular was published 18 January Tuesday valid on. A tour circular of the same tour to be published at a later date will override the previous one.

-Professional English - speaking tour guides

-All entrance fees mentioned in the itinerary

-Transportation in a fully air - conditioned, non - smoking coach

-Return airport transfer

-Local taxes

-9 dinners

-All airport transfer services mentioned inside the itinerary

-9 open buffet breakfasts

-1 nights hotel in Mardin

-1 nights hotel in Adiyaman

-Guided Mardin Tour

-2 night hotel in Sanliurfa

-Arrival airport transfer to Mardin Airport

-Domestic flight from Istanbul to Mardin

-Domestic flight from Adana to Istanbul

-3 nights hotel in Istanbul

-2 nights hotel in Antakya

-8 lunches

-Guided Urfa Tour

-Guided Harran Tour

-Guided Adiyaman – Kâhta

-Guided ANTIOCH via Gaziantep

-Guided TITUS Tunnel – Daphne Tour

-Adana City Tour


-International flights

-Insurance: All types

-Turkey entry visa

-Items of a personal nature such as alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, laundry

-Any others expenses which are not mentioned at the included section

Important Notes;
Price Type Advance
Single 2081.25 €
1665 €
Double 1668.75 €
1335 €
Triple 1668.75 €
1335 €
0-2 Age Ücretsiz
3-6 Age 0.00€
0 €
7-12 Age 1593.75 €
1275 €

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